ru-ok? works alongside under 18s whose lives are affected by substance misuse in Brighton & Hove.   We believe in equal opportunities for all and will strive to help young people to lead safe and happy lives, whilst respecting their views, beliefs and individual needs.  We offer free, confidential, expert advice and support.

Our confidentiality & information sharing policy can be found under the ‘questions?’ tab.

We can help you if you’re under 18, you live (or go to school / college) in the Brighton and Hove area, and drugs, alcohol or legal highs are:

  • Making you do things you regret
  • Having a bad impact on your home or family life or your personal relationships
  • Getting you into trouble at school / college / work
  • Getting you involved in crime or in trouble with the police
  • Putting your housing at risk
  • Making you feel like you can’t cope without getting drunk / high

Got some questions about what we do? You can click here for some answers, or ring us for a chat on 01273 293966 (we’ll call you straight back if you don’t have much credit).

To actually see how we work, check out the video below, which shows a young person describing the support that she got from us and one of our team talking about what we do:

Transcription for video – Niki’s Story

(This is edited footage of the Teachers TV film ‘School Matters: Tackling Drugs’, which is available to download or watch in full here. Used with permission).

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